History of the Coburn House

Miss Abbie A. Coburn, who died in 1891, by her will left her house on North Main Street, Ipswich, to Trustees in trust for the purpose of maintaining the same after the death of her sister, Lucy C. Coburn, as a pleasant and agreeable home for worthy and needy persons of both sexes, not under sixty years of age, who are natives and residents of Ipswich, and who by reason of poverty and inability to labor are unable to support themselves. This Home, she provided should be known in memory of her mother as the “Lucy B. Coburn Home for the Aged”. She also gave a fund to the same Trustees, the income to be used after her sister’s death for maintaining the Home.Miss Lucy C. Coburn, who died on September 28, 1906, by her will left to Trustees a bequest and in addition the residue of her estate, the Trustees being directed to apply so much of the income annually accruing thereon as they should deem wise to the maintenance and support of the Lucy B. Coburn Home, and to use the balance of the income in supplying the poor of Ipswich with medical attendance, nurses and medicines, it being left to the discretion of the Trustees to apportion the income accruing in each year among the several objects named above, including the Home, according to their judgment, and the Trustees being further authorized, if it be practicable, and in their judgment wise, to use any part of the income for extending the benefits of the Home to persons not natives of Ipswich, but who are in other respects within the requirements specified in her sister’s, Abbie A. Coburn’s will.

The Coburn Charitable Society was incorporated in February, 1910. It took over the funds held by the Trustees under the will of Lucy C. Coburn in February, 1910, and the funds held by the Trustees under the will of Abbie A. Coburn in November, 1910.

The home had a nine bed capacity and the residents shared bathrooms and living and eating spaces. The home was initially very popular and filled a specific need in the community. Located a few blocks from “down town Ipswich”, the residents could maintain an involvement in society and be taken care of in an attractive home with a comfortable atmosphere. Later, the home was registered with the Department of Public Health as a Level IV facility.

Over the years the Coburn Home had seen a dramatic decline in the demand for its service and in September, 1990, the Trustees closed the home.

The Coburn Home was purchased by Chere and Bob Stathos in 1995 who converted the home into a Bed & Breakfast now called Town Hill Bed & Breakfast. Received the Mary Conley award for historic preservation.

Jason and Makiko Keough purchased the property in 2006 and renamed the bed and breakfast Kaede.