Wa-Fu Breakfast (Japanese)

We have several Japanese breakfast menu choices, but usually limit the daily selection to one.  So, if you have a favorite, make sure you let us know: 

 Asamaki: a maki-roll of egg, green beans, and other simple veggies wrapped with white rice and plum essence.  Served with miso soup and sometimes a vegetable side. 

hangetsu gyoza setto (dumplings, miso soup, white rice, pickled veggies)

sanshyoku gohan (white rice covered w/egg,green peppers, ground chicken served with miso soup, pickled veggies)

yasai tappuri chahan (lightly fried rice with veggies, miso soup, pickled veggies)

All dishes made with authentic Japanese spices and sauces and prepared fresh every morning.  Again, Japanese breakfast items are just an option on the menu, we continue to serve full western breakfast every day.

By jdkeo

I am an owner of a business, and I wash the dishes.

2 replies on “Wa-Fu Breakfast (Japanese)”

In your web site we sense the same hospitality we experienced with you while we were there.

Thank you.

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